Individual / Family Membership

  • 1 Year - $650
  • 2 Years - $550 per year
  • 3 Years - $500 per year


Corporate Membership

This package is available for companies who want to extend Penrose Club status to their employees, clients or partners.

  • 1 Year - $2,250
  • 2 Years - $2,150 per year
  • 3 Years - $2,000 per year

A year of Penrose Club Membership starts September 1st and ends August 31st of the following year. Any contract or renewal signed before the date of September 1st will start with a prorated charge to cover membership for months from signed date until end of August.

For a limited time past Penrose Club members will receive one free month of membership if they renew before the end of March (2022). That month will be subtracted from the prorated months of the 2021-22 membership year. 

Please reach out to the Premium Services Manager, Brandon Ellis, to renew membership or to ask any questions.


Phone: 719-477-2102

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