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Treat you and your guests to a premium experience when you rent the Broadmoor Suite for a single game or event at The Broadmoor World Arena.


Skips The Lines!

Ease and convenience with...

Private entrance

Suite food and beverage service

Private restrooms


Stretch Out And Relax

Spacious legroom, padded seats, comfortable lounging area, and a drink rail at every seat.

No obstructions to your view during the performance. 



Enjoy dining options not available anywhere else in the Arena!


Whether for business or pleasure, clients, employees, friends, and family alike will love to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show from the spectacular view of The Broadmoor Suite!


Suite Tickets Available For:

Jeff Dunham Suite Tickets

Gabriel Iglesias Suite Tickets


For upcoming suite party packages please contact:

Tuesday Heslop

719-477-2100 or Email Me