World Arena Skating Academy (WASA)
WASA was created to provide state of the art training at the World Arena Ice Hall, a US Olympic Training Site, for all participating academy members in an environment to pursue championship and podium outcomes for National, International, World, and Olympic Skating performances. The Academy will provide and facilitate higher levels of development and training to the members by bringing many skilled classes into one location taught by coaches with individualized and world-renowned skill sets.

WASA Mission and Philosophy

Mission: To establish an institution of distinguished National, International, World, and Olympic skating coaches aiming to promote and maintain high standards of development for figure skating athletes at all levels and disciplines.

Philosophy: To create a culture of figure skating athletic excellence by a system of structured learning to include classes of warm-up, cool down, skating skills, and off-ice dance classes in addition to individual development with personal coaching lessons.

WASA Culture

„Respects everyone & their unique approaches
to training

„Celebrates & supports success for everyone involved

„Challenges & pushes everyone to reach their full potential while at the same time offering support, encouragement & care in the process

„Fosters team spirit & team work as appropriate to the development of our individual skaters

„Values coaches collaboration to help each skater reach their goals while at the same time respecting each primary coach’s role with the various support staff coaches

WASA Board of Directors

Christy Krall- Chairman

Tom Zakrajsek- President

Damon Allen- First Vice President

Tammy Gambill- Second Vice President

Janet Champion- Secretary

Eddie Shipstad- Treasurer

Becky Calvin- Member at Large


Level Requirments


Elite Gold Classes (EG)

Olympic, World, World Junior, and Four Continents Competitors.


Elite Silver Classes (ES)

Skater must be a Junior Lady who has achieved a combined score of 150 points, a Junior Man who has achieved 165 points, a Senior Lady who has achieved 160 points or a Senior Man who has achieved a combined score of 220 points. The skater must have earned the point total in one competition.


Elite Bronze (EB)

Juvenile and Intermediate skaters who made Nationals last year. Final round, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior, for the past two seasons. Sectionals, Juvenile through Senior the last two seasons. Nationals, the last two seasons.


Developmental (D)

All skaters levels Freeskate 1 and above are invited. These classes will be split up by level and age of the skaters.


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