Group Sales: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a considered a group?

A group is usually 10-20 people, depending on the event. A group can be made up of a group of friends, co-workers, members of a church, teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, Boy scouts, Girl Scouts, corporate groups; pretty much any group of 10 -20 people that want to get together to have a good time and see great entertainment.

How much will you save?

You will ALWAYS save over ordering your tickets on our public website. Discounts typically range from 10 – 30% off the regular ticket price depending on the event. Groups receive special pricing for some of the best seats in the house! Group tickets are available for shows such as: Disney on Ice, Harlem Globetrotters, Broadway in Colorado Springs, Cirque du Soleil shows and many, many, more! 

Do all events offer group discounts?

Some events – most often concerts – do not offer group discounts. However, you will always save up to $5 per ticket by ordering here over out public website. If you have a question about group sales for events please contact the Group Sales Department for more details!

How do we get group tickets for 10 or more?

It’s really easy! Just give the Group Sales Department a call to order or place a group of seats on hold. A member from our group sales team will assist you in planning your events, from getting you the best seats available, assisting with any special requests and saving you money!

How do we order less than 10 tickets for our group?

If your company or organization is a Partnering Group member, you may purchase tickets on our Partnering Groups ticket ordering website. Here there are no minimums and partnering group members always save! If your company or organization is not currently a partner, have your HR manager or representative contact our Group Sales Manager to be added. 


How do we pay for the tickets?

That is easy too! Simply place your order on this website and enter your credit card information. You can also call the Group Sales Department to provide your payment information over the phone. We accept all major credit cards. You can mail or drop off a check and we do accept cash (please do not mail). You can also schedule an appointment with a group sales representative to come in to pay for tickets.

Are there any convenience fees when ordering group tickets?

Yes, there is a flat $5.00 handling fee on the entire group order. This is for group orders of 10 or more. For purchases of less than 10 tickets and ordered on our Partnering Groups ticket ordering website, a $1.00 handling fee per ticket applies. That is still less than the fees on the public website.

What is a Group Block and how can members of my group purchase tickets from our Group Block, so I don't have to collect payment from each of them?


A Group Block is a block of seats held for groups of 10 or more who do not want to hassle with collecting payment from each group member.

  1. Simply contact our Group Sales Manager to put a block of seats on hold for your group in the price and seating location that you prefer.
  2. Your Group Leader will be provided with a link and access code to the Partnering Groups ticket ordering website that can be e-mailed to the group.
  3. Group members conveniently access the Partnering Groups ticket ordering website and purchase their tickets from your Group Block.
  4. Group members may pick up their own tickets at Will Call or your group representative may pick up all of the tickets for distribution. 

Everyone is guaranteed to sit together and you didn't have to collect payment or deliver their tickets! 

Your Group Sales Manager must be contacted to hold your Group Block BEFORE your group members begin making purchases from your block of seats.

Payment by credit card through the Partnering Groups ticket ordering website is the ONLY way to purchase from your block. Cash and check are not available methods of payment.

Is there a deadline to order tickets?

Yes. For most shows the tickets must be ordered and paid for two weeks prior to the show if you have a group of 10 or more. Tickets are based on availability as shows sell out fast. It is best not to wait to purchase your seats, especially since it becomes more difficult to reserve blocks of seats as a show sells through. The group discount is not available for group orders placed less than 3 days before show time.

There is an order submission deadline of 3 days before EVERY show for purchases made on the Partnering Groups website.


What is the World Arena’s policy on ticket refunds, exchanges, or lost tickets?

Tickets cannot be refunded, cancelled or exchanged.

If the event is cancelled or postponed, then a full ticket refund will be given unless other options are provided by the show itself.

At what age does a child have to pay for a ticket?

For most shows children under 24 months old are admitted for free as long as they sit on an adult’s lap. For some children’s shows such as Barney Live, Dora the Explorer, etc. children under the age of 12 months are admitted for free as long as they sit on an adult’s lap.

How much is parking?

Parking is $10.00 per car for all events at the Broadmoor World Arena. Buses are usually $10 -$15, depending on the bus size.