The Broadmoor World Arena Youth and Community Assistance Fund

These general conditions and application form will assist non-profit or other qualified organizations to rent space at The Broadmoor World Arena, Ice Hall and Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts. The Grant Committee will allow The Broadmoor World Arena Board of Directors to carryout its proactive community-based mission.

1. 90 days prior to the scheduled event, the grant form must be submitted (see attached form).

2. Non-profit organizations must submit their 501(c)3 designation and/or the I.R.S. Code for non-profits. Other organizations must submit description/purpose.

3. The Fund will provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations for these conditions:

a. Financial assistance is given to all the non-profit usage of The Broadmoor World Arena, the Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts, and the Ice Hall venues.

b. If financial assistance is given, it is expected an equal dollar amount of complimentary tickets will be provided and distributed to worthy senior citizen groups, disadvantaged youth organizations, military, and additional worthy community groups to attend the various cultural and sporting activities.

4. Non-Profits MUST COMPLETE and SUBMIT the following:

            a) Form A (90 Days Prior) Form A - Youth Community Fund.doc

            b) Form B (30 Days After Event)‚Äč Form B - Youth Community Fund.doc